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Hey there! As you guys know that hockey is among the most celebrated outdoor sports other than football and cricket and this means there will be a lot of leagues and teams out there to make it count. CHL – Central Hockey League has been among them; it was basically an ice hockey league that did not last for a long period but only for the late 20th century and early 21st century. It had a great number of teams playing the league from either the previously defunct leagues or other popular leagues but still 2014 are finally referred to as the end of Central Hockey League as it was taken under East Coast Hockey League. Basically all the remaining teams were brought under East Coast Hockey League – ECHL which marked the end of Central Hockey League. It had provided a lot of entertainment to the hockey teams and provided a great platform for quality sports. A total of 30 teams playing a league also made it an interesting play to watch and cherish.

Pembroke-Campbell's Kyle Rainville (20) takes a shot on the Oyster River goalie, John-Mac Mroczka (1) as Jeff Ahlgrim (23) comes up behind him during Saturday's game where Pembroke Academy Campbell Boys Hockey Team played the boys of Oyster River High School to a 1-1 draw at Tri-town Rink, Hooksett

I on the honest grounds have love for three sports; cricket, football, hockey! So, this means that whenever there is something happening in any of these, I will be going through news sites to find about it. In other words I am a good follower of these and anyplace that has latest news about these will be the one that I have followed and the ones that I am being notified of whenever something is posted. This is what fanism demands that you follow the ones to the fullest. And this is the same I do; I follow leagues and watch them to the extent I can manage. Leagues also make the fact interesting that always there is something happening I n the sports world unlike the world cups and championships that though are awaited and longed for but the titles take place after a while; once a year, once a two years or once a four year. If you are a sport fan, you literally would want other activities happening as well, and that is what leagues and such franchises have for us.

So, you are going to have the same news but more preferably about hockey and most commonly about Central Hockey League as the topic under discussion. You are going to find the latest happenings taking place in the leagues, all the facts and figures about the teams, when they joined when they left, the sponsors and the ones who are aiding the league, the way it manages the teams and organizes league matches and tournaments, who are the best players of the seasons, which players will be signing in for the latest match and the ones that won’t be available because of their own schedule, how much they will receive as pay, and so much more. Though I will also like to emphasis on what let to the closure of Central Hockey League and the factors affecting it, also was it good or went for the worst. Tune in to know more about Hockey and Central Hockey League.