Why Central Hockey Team Folded

Ray Miron and Bill Levins initiated central Hockey team also known as CHL in 1992. CHL was a professional ice hockey league of North America. Initially the league was in the possession of Global Entertainment Corporation from the late 20th century until 2013 then franchises bought it individually. Before folding of CHL about thirty national ice hockey teams were affiliated with it including Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas stars. Many ice hockey teams that played for defunct league were also affiliated with CHL. East Coast Hockey league accepted the seven teams of CHL for their league that were suspended during the last off season of CHL.

CHL was one of the most successful hockey leagues and most importantly, the league did not earn only, the hockey viewers loved it always.The ending of the Central Hockey League was a shocking and a bad news for the CHL viewers. There were certain reasons that lead the CHL to its end. After 22 successfulseasons, the Central Hockey league became a history.


The main reason that results in the ending and folding of CHL was different international leagues and teams. The teams that played for other leagues were revolving and became an issue. Different cups along with different ownerships were also an issue. Since the Central Hockey League started by the two former hockey legends Ray Miron and Bill Levinsin 1992 and after the death of Levinsthe championship trophy name changed to his name (Levins Cup) and after the retirement of Miron the trophy was named to Ray Miron President Cup in the year 2000. Here the original situation started as the league manager was changing and different teams were taking part in the Central Hockey league that was also the brand names of other Hockey teams. Most importantly, the league was in the possession of only one corporation (Global Entertainment Corporation) but the teams franchises were latter purchased by the individuals.

CHL became so popular that it moved the other leagues in loss, in result WPHL offered its mergence with the CHL.WPHL was not only one league that merged with CHL due to Central hockey league popularity but also, when the International Hockey league folded in 2010 and the five teams of IHL joined CHL. In the start of the 21stcentury, CHL decided to expands the teams because of its popularity and viewership. The same thing happened with CHL as well as it absorbed other hockey leagues and in result, EHCL absorbed seven teams of CHL that was a clear signal for the folding of CHL.


The situation started in the mid of year 2014 when St. Chill ceased all the operation of the CHL. However, the operation began to work again in a couple of months when Arizona and Denver suspended the ceased operation of St. Chill. It went as a great news for the CHL lovers but in few months it was officially announced that the ECHL is about to absorb 7 teams of CHL.


Reasons That Results In The Ending Of Central Hockey League (CHL)

Foundation of CHL:

Ray Miron and Bill Levins are the founders of the Central Hockey League and both are the former players of the ice hockey. They first season Of CHL went on move in 1992 with six teams, then for the next twenty-three years the show of every season went nonstop. CHL enjoyed twenty-two successful seasons with more than thirty teams. In 2010, the CHL season had the maximum teams for the championship that is eighteen (18). However, challenges are the parts of the life and a famous quotation “As you sow so shall you reap” is the situation happened to CHL.

Expansion of CHL:


Central Hockey league started as a minor project but after some successful seasons,CHL decided to expand the number of teams of the CHL. Therefore, it started to swallow and attract ice hockey teams of other Leagues. After some years, CHL signed contracts with AHL teams to play for CHL and resulted in the folding of AHL. The situation did not stop here, CHL decided to expand more, it signed the contract with the teams of IHL, and it folded the IHL as well.

From year, 2000 to 2010 CHL ran its seasons with more than ten teams and up to eighteen teams. That was the peak time of the league and CHL was enjoying the successful seasons. Until2013,Global Entertainment Corporation owned the CHL but then the individuals were asked to purchase the franchises of CHL. Since many teams were unable to find the local investors for sponsorship and that was a bad signal as it may fold many teams. Therefore, individuals bought the CHL franchises.

Role of ECHL for folding CHL:

Central Hockey League General Manager never thought that the same thing that happened to IHL, WPHL and AHL would now happen to CHL. In the end of 2013 and start of 2014 the rumors on air that ECHL are going to sign contract with the star teams of the CHL for their upcoming seasons.Even the CHL viewers thought that this is not more than rumor and the show of CHL will always go on like the previous twenty-two seasons.


Initially in May 2014, the operations of the CHL were stopped but in a couple of months, the operations of CHL were resumed. However, when CHL came to know that ECHL is about to sign the agreement with the star teams of the CHL they slow down their operations. In October 2014 when ECHL announced that they have signed contract with the seven star teams of the CHL for their upcoming season on Tuesday in Chicago.

A day later CHL announced that the CHL is not operational anymore and is ceased forever. This was the end of the CHL after twenty-two successful seasons. History keeps repeating itself, AHL, IHL and WPHL folded because of the teams joining CHL and at the end CHL folded because the seven teams left CHL and joined ECHL.


Must Know Facts AboutCentral Hockey League

Quick History

Central Hockey League (CHL) was a minor ice hockey league based in North America in the late 20th and 21st century.  Its start came in 1992 but in decades of eventual consolidation, it met its end in 2014 where only seven of its former thirty teams were absorbed into the East Coast Hockey League. After twenty-two successful seasons, CHL reached its end.

However, it was an interesting road to the end of the league, it established itself as one of the more fundamental series of teams out there, which survived longer and absorbed other leagues including the Western Professional Hockey League (WPHL) and the International Hockey League (IHL). There was serious competition between the leagues for acquiring teams and gaining territory in the US and Canada to become the dominant league. Ray Miron and Bill Levins who were veterans of the existing leagues spearheaded the organization at first and teams on their own mission to revive a league that they thought had potential.


But why did the CHL reached its end when they were one of the most successful leagues? After the unfortunate death of one of the founders, the league began to struggle because of their teams, ownerships, etc. That is when this league stopped being under the possession of the Global Entertainment Corporation.

The CHL was later replaced by the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) which was originally founded in 1988 but took over most of the remaining franchises in the CHL in 2014. This league is based in New Jersey with a large amount of teams across the US and a few in Canada. Further said, the players that form part of the league have benefitted with being represented by the “Professional Hockey Players’ Association” that ECHL ensured to the players.

Quick facts:


  1. Ray Miron and Bill Levins decided to revive the CHL with the main goal of owning the league and team’s altogether. Sadly, Levins passed away, and Levins resigned and sold the league
  2. The CHL was officially over when they only had seven teams to play on their 2014-2015 season
  3. When the CHL was sold, the buyer, Mr. Kozuback wanted to combine CHL with ECHL because he wanted one solid strong AA league that was going to be known and operated in the US and Canada
  4. Many teams abandoned CHL in the short time of one year, from 2013 to 2014
  5. Over five hundred player have move from ECHL to the National Hockey League
  6. It was one of the most successful leagues and the biggest competitor among the Hockey Leagues

Some of the teams that form the CHL are Allen Americans from Texas, Rocky Mountain Rage from Colorado, Columbus Cottonmouths from Georgia, and among other forty-one teams. The fact that the CHL is officially offseason, the history and magnificent teams that made part of this National League have created its own legacy, and will forever be remembered in the history of “Mid-Level Minor Professional Ice Hockey”.


Defunct League Teams AndCHL

When the word “defunct” circulates around the mind it means something went wrong. Defunct teams are the one that are not operational due to certain reasons or might have changed their names and became operational again. Since there are more than thirty hockey teams that played for the CHL and some other leagues but got defunct due to certain reasons and became a history.

Here is the list of teams that got defunct in Central Hockey league:

  1. Dallas Freeze:

The team participated in the three seasons of the Central Hockey League. The team was unable to prove its abilities as a professional ice hockey team in the league. It played its home matches in Dallas, Texas.  After the arrival of Dallas stars in Dallas, Texas, it became a hard job for Dallas Freeze to survive. Dallas stars rose up as the biggest competitors of Dallas Freeze and made the team defunct. Dallas Freeze stoof operational from 1992-1995.


  1. Nashville Ice Flyers:

Nashville Ice Flyers is also a defunct ice hockey team and it was operational during 1997-1998 in the Central Hockey League. Some leading players of the ice hockey were part of the Nashville Ice Flyers including Iain Duncan and Alexander Chunchukov.

  1. Fort Worth Fire:

Fort Worth Fire was a professional hockey team that not only participated in the Central Hockey league but it also manages to win the championship in CHL (1996 – 1997). The team was founded in 1992 and it stood operational from 1992 to 1999.


  1. Border City Bandits:

The team was operational for the CHL’s season 2000-2001 only. It was also a professional ice hockey teambut got defunct in the mid season. Since Canadian The reason it got defunct was the two head coaches and the ownership problem. The crowed to watch the match of this team started to decrease and resulted to defunct Border City Bandits.

  1. San Antonio Iguanas:

San Antonio Iguanas had played for the Central Hockey League. It made two times into the finals of the CHL’s seasons but was unable to win and stood runner-up two times in CHL’s seasons. It had played seven seasons of the Central Hockey league and delivered an outstanding performance. The team ceased because they fail to find a local sponsor and resulted to defunct.


  1. El Paso Buzzards:

El Paso Buzzards is an unknown name to many because of worst performance in the Central Hockey league. The team also played for WPHL, it was the first team of WPHL that got folded because of the folding of the WPHL by CHL.

  1. Lubbock Cotton Kings:

A professional hockey team played for Central Hockey League startedits operations in 1999 but got defunct in 2007 and suspended its operations because the team failed to fulfill the requirements of the agreement with Lubbock.

Many other teams suspended their operations permanently because of different reasons. The players of the ice hockey teams that suspended operations moved to other teams to continue their carriers.


Central Hockey League Folded As ECHL Absorbed 7 Teams

Central Hockey League (CHL) started its first season in 1992 and conducted the last event in 2014. Central Hockey league after enjoying 22 successful seasons suddenly folded according to many hockey viewers and lovers. However, this was not a sudden act, there were certain reasons that were going on as a slow and steady poison and at last ended the CHL and made it a History.

CHL boomed its carrier from the beginning; it absorbed many teams of the different leagues including IHL and WPHL and made them a history. The same thing happened to the CHL when ECHL absorbed seven teams of CHL in 2014 and that was the clear signal of ending of CHL.

Initially people thought that it was only rumor that CHL is about to break and the teams are going to join ECHL. This was really a groundbreaking day in the ice hockey team when seven teams of CHL were approved by ECHL for their upcoming season.  ECHL approved applications of CHL’steams to start October 2017 season on Tuesday in Chicago USA. When this news came on air, CHL announced that this is the end of CHL.

Many double leagues folded during the last twenty years but when IHL folded the only hockey league with AAA left was AHL. The only reason that even the most successful hockey league can fold is that the other hockey league starts absorbing the teams of that league. Before CHL folded many hockey leagues by absorbing the teams of that league but in 2014 ECHL did the same to CHL by absorbing seven most important teams of the CHL league. When the agreements were approved by ECHL the next moment CHL announced its end.


CHL Teams That Joined ECHL:

ECHL signed the agreement with the seven teams of CHL for the next season. These teams were the backbone of CHL as these teams were the favorite teams of the viewers. The CHL’s teams with their record of accomplishment in the CHL’s cups and tournaments are:

  1. Allen America:

One of the most popular teams of CHL as this team won two titles of CHL’s seasons.

  1. Brampton Beast:

This team was popular because it has komets Stephon Thorne (former).

  1. Missouri Mavericks:

Missouri Mavericks was the leading and most favorite team of CHL in the 2012 season but it fell in the semifinal against Komets.

  1. Quad City Mallards:

This team played against komets in different Hockey leagues including CHL, IHL and UHL.


  1. Rapid City Rush:

This team was popular because the team was the biggest rivals of Komets and has given very tuff time to Komets in two seasons off CHL.

  1. Tulsa Oilers:

This team was popular not because of its players but because of team’s coach Sir Bruce Ramsay. He was a former Komet legend.

  1. Wichita Thunder:

The team was a thunder in the season 2012 and was undefeated in the whole season accept the final match that they lost against the Komets.


Central Hockey League’s Teams

Central Hockey league started by Miron and Bill in 1992 and had twenty-two successful seasons by winning the hearts of audience and ice hockey lovers. The reasons behind the success of the CHL were the teams that played for the league. The league started with the six (6) teams in the first seasons and got extreme popularity and results in the expansion of teams in the upcoming seasons. CHL at its peak played with the eighteen (18) teams and in the last season only ten (10) teams played. The teams’ name was based on the cities of USA.

Most of the Teams in the CHL have played for the different leagues as well including IHL, AHLand WPHL. CHL absorbed these teams from the other leagues and made the end of the leagues and ECHL absorbed the teams of CHL and made its end.

CHL important teams’ details are as follow:


Tulsa Oilers:

The team is named from the city it based Tulsa and is a professional ice hockey team. Currently it is playing for the ECHL and has won the first championship season of CHL in 1992.

Wichita Thunder:

This team is a minor level but professional hockey team. It played for two leagues that is CHL (1992-2014) and ECHL after that until now. The team won the second and third season of CHL and stood two times runner up in CHL.

Oklahoma City Blazers:

The team with the 100% attendance in the CHL and with an outstanding record in CHL has the most followers than any other Hockey team. The Team stood two times champions and two times runner-up in the CHL seasons.

Fort worth Fire:

One of the teams of CHL that started their operation in 1992 butthe team did not survive long and all the operations of the team ceased in 1999. The team named only one season of CHL to them.


Columbus Cottonmouths:

It is one of the top ranked ice hockey team during the last years of the last century and initial years of the current century. Although the tram managed to win only one title of CHL’s season that is 97-98 but stood runner up in the two seasons. After the expansion of the CHL, the team lost its ground and was unable to come up front.

Huntsville Channel Cats:

The team was also a professional ice hockey team and had played different leagues including Central Hockey league, South East Hockey League and Southern Hockey league. It managed to won only one title of the CHL’s season.

Allen Americans:

The most important team of CHL in the last five seasons was Allen America. As it has won the last two seasons of the CHL and it also stood one time runner up in the CHL’s season. The team has signed the contract with the ECHL for their upcoming seasons. This team is also responsible for the folding of the Central Hockey league as it was one of the most important team at the end of the last season.


Central Hockey League Events Details

The two former ice hockey players Miron and Bill founded Central Hockey league in the year 1992. The league has enjoyed twenty-two successful seasons from 1992- 2014. The league was so successful that many teams of different leagues joined the CHL that results in the folding of those leagues including IHL and AHL. At the end, same thing happened with the CHL as the teams signed the agreement with the ECHL and resulted in the folding of CHL.

The first season of the CHL started in the year 1992-1993 in which six teams participated. Tulsa Oilers against Oklahoma City Blazers by 4-1 goals won the final of the first season of CHL.From here the story begins, the league started to get the popularity and after four seasons the CHL started to expand the teams in the league. In 1996-1997 seasons, the teams were expanded to ten teams. After that, many teams of the other leagues got interested to play for the Central Hockey League. During the seasons 2001-2003 and 2002-2003, sixteen (16)teams participated in the event. It was the peak time of the Central Hockey League and some ice hockey leagues folded.


Many teams of different cities emerged, participated in the CHL and boosted their carriers with CHL and currently playing for different ice hockey leagues. Some teams got defunct, suspended and some teams have changed their names.

CHL events:

CHL events were on the track every year. The event went non-stop without any interruption, although there were an increase and decrease of teams in each year but the management took every challenge to produce the season on time and with the schedule. All the events were conducted in the different cities of the United States of America. As the teams of the CHL were city based, so the events were conducted based on popular teams as well as the viewership of the audience.

CHL teams number:

It is hard to start an event and make it successful. In the start, the CHL started with the six (6) teams that went to the maximum of eighteen (18) teams in the season 2010-2011. Discipline is a necessary part of every department including games. Some teams were suspended because of their acts, some teams got defunct and some teams changed their names due to different reasons.


Popular Teams of CHL:

When it comes to the popularity of the any ice hockey team, it becomes a difficult task to decide because of different reasons. Some teams have the popularity because of the cities, some got popularity because of their game and some had the popularity because of viewership. However, the popularity of ice hockey teams lost maximum of 5-7 years as the new introduced teams got popular. Many of the popular teams are a history now. Some of the popular ice hockey teams are Tulsa Oilers, Wichita Thunder, Oklahoma City Blazers, Fort Worth Fire, Columbus Cottonmouths, Memphis Riverkings, Laredo Bucks, Arizona Sundogs, Rapid City Rush and Allen Americans.